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Culture is hugely interesting, fluid and seemingly impossible to pin down. Brands aspire to shape and make culture, but they rarely know where (and how) to begin. What are the conversations and pressure points that are most relevant and meaningful? Which are the trends to lean into and to push back against? Who are the tastemakers?


Macro cultural shifts play out over time, expressing themselves through specific peaks and dips, better known as fast-moving trends.

Decoding culture and understanding its implications calls for the ability to simultaneously look at the big picture and the smallest details. This is an always-on process, with clues embedded in demographics, socio-political movements as well as in blockbuster movies, chart-topping hits, Twitter hashtags and the latest collections shown in the world's fashion capitals.


TSOL has deep expertise in collecting and connecting these diverse dots in ways that turn cultural clutter into actionable business intelligence.


Ignoring what people seek out - and why - is a risk no business can afford to take.

We've briefed the country's largest and most exciting lifestyle, mobility, alco-bev and athleisure brands on topics ranging from the evolution of urban landscapes, the enduring streak of conservatism among India's youth, to the new frontiers of identity and the appeal of 'throwbacks.'  


Larger trends and specific pieces of cultural evidence have inspired clients as they launch new brands, seek to penetrate markets beyond metropolitan centres and create ambitious new campaigns with the stated goal of expanding their role in culture.

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