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Reisaan Health

Strategy that’s rooted in the stuff of life unlocks potential for brands, businesses and people.


Our client had founded a world-class hormonal health practice. Patients were thriving; our track-record and strong recommendations had enabled significant growth. 


But five years into our journey, healthcare was becoming increasingly ambiguous. Everyone had opinions about it, and everyone had a plan to make someone else healthier. Dietitians, fitness instructors, health/ spiritual coaches, nutritionists, even apps positioned themselves as healthcare ‘experts.’ 

Our practice was being defined by Google reviews (glowing), what we didn’t do (make diet plans) and price-points (premium). The going was good; but in an age of tele-medicine and doctors on TikTok, we needed to craft and own our narrative.


Expertise means very little unless it’s translated into a compelling promise. 

A clear positioning would make it easier for patients to find us and assess ‘fit’ when they first needed help, rather than stumble upon us through a combination of chance and conversations. 


Understanding the ethos and philosophy of the practice from the inside-out - what drove the team and shaped treatment and patient interactions? 

Understanding our impact from the outside-in - What were the stories behind the five-star social media reviews? What was the language used to describe effective interventions and their impact? 


We defined a brand positioning, personality and values to steer decision-making on everything from recruitment to patient onboarding. These changes went hand-in-hand with the deployment of content strategy and a completely renewed visual identity (created by design studio Winding Road).

These initiatives are helping the team refine recently launched platforms (an app) and manage a growing community of current and former patients. There’s clarity on what the brand stands for and a clear pathway to growth. 

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Logo Before

Logo After

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Inspired by the Zen symbolism of balancing stones, the Reisaan Health brand language uses simple, clean shapes stacked atop each other - supported, centered, at ease - a relevant metaphor for how we want clients to feel after adopting the Reisaan way. 

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