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Strategy that’s rooted in the stuff of life unlocks potential for brands, businesses and people


eBikeGo was founded with a vision - to positively impact people, profits and the planet in a world confronting the clear and present dangers of climate change.


The pandemic had thrown this young company into disarray, compelling teams to make decisions focused on surviving rather than thriving. The organization had demonstrated resilience and inventiveness in making the best of a bad time. But eBikeGo was at risk of being defined by the daily grind instead of by the bold ambitions that had kickstarted their journey.


Businesses are more than the sum of their parts. To truly fulfill their potential, they must believe that they're claiming the future, not just 'making do' in the moment.


eBikeGo needed to clarify and streamline business initiatives, attract talent and raise funds. Defining their brand would help them accomplish all this and more.


In-depth conversations with the founder and co-founders to discuss their assessment of their current coordinates and hopes for the future. Was there a shared sense of an expectation-reality gap?


Decoding the language of sustainability when it came to electric vehicles. What were the category codes, the cliches and the clutter-breaking attempts at impact and innovation?


Sustainability can mean just about anything, or nothing at all. To make a difference, it's crucial for companies to get specific about their commitments and priorities. What aspect of sustainability spoke to the company we were on our best days - and aspired to be everyday?


  • Created brand foundations, including purpose, positioning, values and personality. These pillars gave the organization a sense of self, coherence and direction. They were also a springboard for the development of the brand's identity, website and content strategy.


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