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Creative businesses were particularly hard-hit by the pandemic. They had to confront pressures that were almost existential, struggling to stay inventive and innovative in a time of disconnection and isolation.


When we first spoke, our clients were wondering whether it was time to 'shut shop.' The creative fatigue of the past two years had taken its toll. Perhaps it was time to acknowledge that their studio had enjoyed a good run, but had gone as far as it could.


What we really needed to do was reignite our client's creative spark.


Whether they chose to stay in business or to explore an entirely new path, good decisions could only flow from a place of enthusiasm and excitement about the future.


TSOL transformed strategic exploration into a playful, colourful process.


We wanted our clients to think in terms of creative possibilities rather than practical constraints. We leaned into the team's skill-sets, relying on imagery and emotion as fodder for strategic thinking. We would ask questions and receive photos, inspirational quotes and moodboards in response. Each of these cues were deciphered in partnership with the clients to define and/ or refine their brand's direction.


As the team expressed what creativity meant to them, they began to re-imagine what their practice could like in the future.


  • We'd always believed that the studio had only hit a bump in their journey - but it was important for them to believe it, too.

  • Equipped with a newly framed positioning and purpose, our clients are back in action. They have clarity about the impact they want to create and the brands they want to collaborate with. The studio is rebranding itself. We have also co-created processes that they can implement to reduce everyday friction and stay 'in the zone.'

  • Creativity is contagious. We're most excited about the fact that a rejuvenated sense of purpose has inspired our clients to express their purpose in other domains, including ambitious independent art projects.

*The client has requested anonymity.

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